CGSI 2020 | December


CGSI hosted a session at the RECOMB 2020 virtual meeting, and we are excited to share the recording with you! RECOMB 2020 was the 24th edition of a series of algorithmic computational biology conferences bridging the areas of computational, mathematical, statistical and biological sciences. The conference featured keynote talks by preeminent scientists in life sciences, presentations of ground breaking research in computational biology, selected over the course of a highly-rigorous peer-review process, and poster sessions on the latest research progress. Our session took place during the afternoon of June 25th and included the following talks and speakers:

Opening Remarks
Eleazar Eskin & Eran Halperin
Capturing spatial and temporal genomics with computer vision.
James Zou
High-throughput phenotyping using electronic medical records.
Lisa Bastarache
Single-cell cancer genomics.
Ben Raphael