The Computational Genomics Summer Institute provides a unique, effective environment for interdisciplinary training at any stage of a researcher's career.


Who attends CGSI?

People included: 43 instructors • 137 short program participants • 54 long program participants

Subdisciplines included: Animal and Public Health • Applied Mathematics • Bioinformatics • Computational Biology • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology • Engineering • Evolutionary Genetics • Genetics  • Mathematics • Medicine • Molecular Evolution • Phylogenetics • Physics • Population Genetics • Precision Medicine • Psychiatric Genetics • Statistics • Statistical Genetics • Systems Biology • Translational Genomics
People included: 19 instructors • 49 short program participants • 38 long program participants

Subdisciplines included: Bioinformatics • Genomics • Electrical and Computer Engineering • Computational Biology • Cancer Genomics • Epidemiology • Evolutionary Genetics • Genetic Medicine • Numerical Methods • High Performance Computing • Population Genetics • Mathematics • Software Engineering • Neurology • Computational Statistics • Statistical Genetics

What happened in previous years?

Long Course Retreat: July 6 through July 8
Short Course: July 10 through July 14
Long Course: July 17 through July 26

CGSI offered 44 research talks and 13 tutorials from senior scholars, 28 flash talks from junior scholars, and 13 journal clubs that met daily for one week and twice daily for two weeks.

In addition to presentations, CGSI held the first annual retreat in Big Bear Lake, California. Participants also enjoyed multiple special lunches, dinners, and social events that took place throughout the Los Angeles area.
Short Course: July 18 through July 22
Long Course: July 25 through August 12

Over the span of 21 days, CGSI offered 22 research talks and 25 tutorials from senior scholars, 25 mini presentations from junior scholars, 6 journal clubs that met daily for 2 weeks, and 1 faculty panel.

In addition to presentations, CGSI organized special lunches, dinners, and dozens of social events around Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Culver City.

What do people say about CGSI?

Overall, I've met many new people (potential collaborators), learned many new things, and kept up to date on what's going on in the field. It was great! Will definitely be back next year!

2016 Participant

Thank you again for organizing this great course, lectures were inspiring, events were so much fun, and it was a great environment to tie lasting friendships and collaborations, I am so happy to have been part of it.

2016 Participant

The assembly of speakers was quite nice. The topics were quite broad and covered timely topics in our field.

2016 Participant

I very much enjoyed a large number of the talks, and it was great to meet and talk to so many people. Coffee breaks were great. Journal clubs were great.

2016 Participant

The social events were great!! Some people (myself included) have a super difficult time talking or meeting new people in a purely social setting.

2016 Participant

The journal clubs were also great, because it was much easier to meet people when there was a natural topic of discussion to follow.

2016 Participant