Bruins-In-Genomics (B.I.G.) Summer is an intensive, practical experience in genomics and bioinformatics for students who are interested in integrating quantitative and biological knowledge, and pursuing graduate degrees in the biological, biomedical or health sciences.

The program includes next generation sequencing analysis workshops, weekly science talks by researchers, a weekly student journal club, professional development seminars, social activities, concluding poster sessions, and an optional GRE test prep course.

In 2016, Prof. Eleazar Eskin, Prof. Nelson Freimer, and Dr. Jonathan Flint facilitated a Neurogenetics working group and weekly neurogenetics seminar series for the B.I.G. Program. Participants in this group gained first-hand experience in the process of developing methods for mapping the underlying genetic causes of Major Depression Disorder.

This program is supported by National Institute of Mental Health R25 MH109172 “Undergraduate Research Experience in Neuropsychiatric Genomics.”


2016 B.I.G. Summer Neurogenetics

Seminar Series Schedule


Date Speaker Title
07/14/2016 Nelson Freimer The Depression Grand Challenge   
07/21/2016 Roel Ophoff The Neurogenetics of Psychiatric Disease   
07/28/2016 Jonathan Flint The Genetics and Genomics of Psychiatric Disease   
08/03/2016 Dan Geshwind Integrative Genomics in Neuropsychiatric Diseases   


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